Virtual Cone Pendulum


Length: 137mm
Diameter: 40mm
Weight: 30g
Material: Beech Hardwood

The pendulum with a virtual cone was constructed by the French radiesthetist Andre de Belizal.

The name of the pendulum is derived from its construction.
It consists of a wooden round rod with pointed tips on both ends and a wooden disc that can be moved up and down on the central rod.
Both parts form a virtual cone without a sidewall.

We can detect and measure both, magnetic and electric components of each colour band of the full vibrational spectrum,

The thread of the pendulum has 3 markings

1 – closest to the pendulum – is used to examine the radiation of living organisms (biometry).
2 – the middle mark – is used to examine shape caused waves,
3 – the upper mark – is used to examine the vibrational colour spectrum.

It is a great pendulum for any experienced dowser. Indispensable when working with chromotherapy (colour therapy), measuring shape energy or space clearing.

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Beech hardwood