Schuessler Salts Pendulum Set No.2


Dimensions: 250mm x 120mm x 58mm
Weight: 570g
Material: Beech hardwood

A German doctor, Wilhelm Schuessler, stated that deficiencies in certain mineral compounds are the source of common health problems.
Schüßler Salts play an important role in the human body. They build up the musculoskeletal system, the tissue and body mineral balance.
Cell Salts (Tissue Salts) stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

This set is an addition to the 12 Shuessler’s Salts, which were recognized and added at the later date. Both Pendulum sets form a full set of 24 Schuessler’s salts.

The kit includes pendulums that emit the vibrations of the following salts:
13. Kalium arsenicosum (potassium arsenite)
14. Kalium bromatum (potassium bromide)
15. Kalium jodatum (calcium iodide)
16. Lithium chloratum (lithium chloride)
17. Manganum sulfuricum (manganese sulfate)
18. Calcium sulfonatum (calcium sulfonate)
19. Cuprum arsenicosum (cupric arsenite)
20. Kalium aluminum sulfuricum (potassium alum)
21. Zincum chloratum (zinc chloride)
22. Calcium carbonicum (calcium carbonate)
23. Natrium bicarbonicum (sodium bicarbonate)
24. Arsenum jodatum (arsenic iodide)

How to use the pendulum:

Select an Osiris head with the desired substance.
Mount it on the tip of the pendulum.
Tap it slightly on the hard surface (a table) to shake off stagnant energy and activate the charge inside the tip.
Begin transmission by swinging the pendulum clockwise.
The pendulum will stop once the desired body part, system, chakra or meridian is saturated with the chosen vibration.

There is no risk of overdosing. The pendulum will stop it’s self once the area is saturated.
Using a hand gesture, anchor and seal the energy.

With another pendulum, determine the next transmission and/ or frequency of transmissions.

The set comes in a wooden protective box

Baj Pendulums UK website is designed for educational purposes and is not intended to offer medical advice. Pendulums are not medical tools nor they are a substitute for any medical treatment.

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13. Kalium arsenicosum (potassium arsenite) – Has a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the body. The Kalium arsenicosum pendulum is used for chronic skin diseases, itchy skin, nervous disorders, paralysis, cramps, inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

14. Kalium bromatum (potassium bromide) – Deficiencies in this substance can disturb the nervous system, brain and hormonal glands; cause headache, fatigue and drowsiness. People with Kalium bromatum deficiency are often nervous, restless, react extremely to stimuli. The pendulum with vibrations of this salt is used to restore hormonal balance; cease Basedow’s disease, menstrual disorders, vision disturbances, nervous disorders, mucositis.

15. Kalium jodatum (calcium Iodide) – Vibrations of this salt are used to fight depressive states, prevent hypertension, stimulate brain and heart work, appetite and digestion, help with thyroid disorders, atherosclerosis, rheumatic arthritis, excessive sweating and dizziness.

16. Lithium chloratum (lithium chloride) – Lithium chloratum pendulum is used to treat gout and rheumatic diseases associated with joint swelling. This substance works by dissolving uric acid and removing harmful substances from inside the cells. Lithium chloratum is used in the treatment of heart disease, kidneys inflammation, cystitis, atherosclerosis and calcification of blood vessels.

17. Manganum sulfuricum (manganese sulfate) – Manganum sulfuricum pendulum treatment is recommended for blood diseases, exhaustion, circulatory disorders, rheumatic disorders, ailments related to weather changes, toothache, nerve weakness, difficulty in concentrating, memory impairment and vision disorder.

18. Calcium sulfonatum (calcium sulfonate) – Vibration of this substance is recommended in the states of exhaustion and sudden weight loss.

19. Cuprum arsenicosum (cupric arsenite) – Cuprum arsenicosum treatment is recommended for muscle spasms, gastric colic, intestinal and gastric catarrh, renal, and chronic headaches.

20. Kalium aluminum sulfuricum (potassium alum) – Pendulum with Kalium aluminum sulfuricum is used for constipation, dizziness, nervousness and gastric colic. It can improve memory and concentration; can inhibit sweat production.

21. Zincum chloratum (zinc chloride) – The Zincum chloratum pendulum sends vibrations that can have a positive effect on the brain and spinal cord. It can be used in the treatment of nervous diseases, insomnia, cramps, painful menstruation, diabetes, hair loss, and to strengthen memory.

22. Calcium carbonicum (calcium carbonate) – Calcium carbonicum is essential for bones and teeth formation. It promotes muscle tension and relaxation, supports the healing of skin and mucous membrane diseases. It is involved in impulse transmission from nerves to muscles. Calcium carbonate deficiency could cause cramps, numbness, angina pectoris, osteoporosis, brittleness.

23. Natrium bicarbonicum (sodium bicarbonate) – The pendulum of Natrium bicarbonicum is recommended to activate metabolism and remove fat deposits, stimulate the work of the pancreas and kidneys.

24. Arsenum jodatum (arsenic iodide) – It is used for skin diseases: eczema, chronic itchy rashes, juvenile acne. It can have a positive effect on lymph nodes and lungs. It may be helpful in states of weakness and night sweating. Can support the alleviation of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hay fever and chronic intestinal rhinitis.

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Beech hardwood




250mm x 120mm x 58mm