Schuessler Salts Pendulum Set No.1


Dimensions: 250mm x 120mm x 58mm
Weight: 570g
Material: Beech hardwood

A German doctor, Wilhelm Schuessler, stated that deficiencies in certain mineral compounds are the source of common health problems.
Schuessler Salts play an important role in the human body. They build up the musculoskeletal system, the tissue and body mineral balance.
Cell Salts (Tissue Salts) stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Schüßler salts pendulum set can be a great addition to homeopathic treatment, herbal therapy or a diet.
The set includes pendulums that emit the vibrations of the following salts:

1. Calcium fluoratum (calcium fluoride)
2. Calcium phosphoricum (calcium phosphate)
3. Ferrum phosphoricum (iron phosphate)
4. Kalium chloratum potassium chloride)
5. Kalium phosphoricum (potassium phosphate)
6. Kalium sulfuricum (potassium sulfate)
7. Magnesium phosphoricum (magnesium phosphate)
8. Natrium chloratum (sodium chloride)
9. Natrium phosphoricum (sodium phosphate)
10. Natrium sulfuricum (sodium sulfate)
11. Silicea (silica)
12. Calcium sulfuricum (calcium sulfate)

How to use the pendulum:

Select an Osiris head with the desired substance.
Mount it on the tip of the pendulum.
Tap it slightly on the hard surface (a table) to shake off stagnant energy and activate the charge inside the tip.
Begin transmission by swinging the pendulum clockwise.
The pendulum will stop once the desired body part, system, chakra or meridian is saturated with the chosen vibration.

There is no risk of overdosing. The pendulum will stop it’s self once the area is saturated.
Using a hand gesture, anchor and seal the energy.

With another pendulum, determine the next transmission and/ or frequency of transmissions.

The set comes in a wooden protective box

Baj Pendulums UK website is designed for educational purposes and is not intended to offer medical advice. Pendulums are not medical tools nor they are a substitute for any medical treatment.

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1. Calcium fluoratum (calcium fluoride) – A substance associated with fibrous tissue, helpful in restoring skin elasticity (senile changes, keratinization and skin cracks) and varicose veins. It supports treating rheumatism, dental diseases (periodontitis), bone healing in general.

2. Calcium phosphoricum (calcium phosphate) – This pendulum supports vibrationally regeneration of bone tissue and stimulation of healing broken bones. It can help to eliminate muscle spasms, copper spots on the skin and headaches combined with a feeling of coldness.

3. Ferrum phosphoricum (iron phosphate) – Supports energetically weakness of the body and anemia, conjunctivitis, bronchitis combined with a feeling of heat in the lungs, frequent nosebleeds, fresh wounds and inflammations.

4. Kalium chloratum (potassium chloride) – Vibrations of this pendulum can be used for general fatigue, lack of concentration, soft swelling, wet cough and to support the work of hormonal glands.

5. Kalium phosphoricum (potassium phosphate) – Support in treatment of nerve cells, brain and muscles. Used against depression, exhaustion, insomnia, apathy, lack of immunity; Helpful with neuralgic pain, asthma, and cardiac arrhythmias. The vibrations of this substance have an antiseptic effect.

6. Kalium sulfuricum (potassium sulfate) – Helpful in the treatment of skin diseases, dandruff and shortness of breath, nail diseases and gastritis and overcoming the feeling of fullness of the stomach.

7. Magnesium phosphoricum (magnesium phosphate) – Supports treatment of nervous and muscular disorders. It is recommended for hand tremors and muscle cramps, heart palpitations, violent headaches, and menstrual discomfort.

8. Natrium chloratum (sodium chloride) – Supports detoxification, neutralization of foreign substances in the body; it contributes to the removal of deposits. Pendulum vibrations from Natrium chloratum are also used in the case of allergies, insect bites, runny nose, burns, hypertension, crackling joints and burning in the throat.

9. Natrium phosphoricum (sodium phosphate) – Used for hyperacid, digestive disorders in infants. It is helpful in removing such ailments as gnashing of teeth during sleep, clumping of eyelids in the morning, stomach aches. It supports Deacidification of the body, metabolism, helps to fight fatigue.

10. Natrium sulfuricum (sodium sulfate) – The vibrations of this pendulum support removing excessive water retention and have a general cleansing effect. It is helpful in getting rid of the bitter taste in the mouth, the feeling of overflow, the burning of eyelids and sand in the urine.

11. Silicea (silica) – Salt contained in connective tissue, helpful in combating mental fatigue and lack of concentration. Vibration of this substance is also recommended for muscle spasms, excessive sensitivity to noise and light.

12. Calcium sulfuricum (calcium sulfate) – Used for suppuration of tissues, wound healing support, adolescent acne, hair loss, dizziness associated with nausea, angina, rheumatism, and hemorrhoids.

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Beech hardwood




250mm x 120mm x 58mm