Osiris “White Energy” Macro Hardwood Pendulum


Length: 180mm
Diameter: 58mm
Weight: 160g
Material: Beech Hardwood

Osiris “White Energy” macro pendulum has been modified to emit White frequency as it’s main radiesthetic ray instead of Negative Green.
Minimising over-exposure to Negative Green ray it retains all features of the classic Osiris model.
Osiris pendulum is a predominately healing pendulum. It benefits from using a very penetrating carrier wave of negative green and purifying and cleansing properties of White radiesthetic colour
Due to a macro size, the pendulum works very fast.
It is a very useful pendulum for advanced radiesthetic healing work, tele-radiesthesia, removing negative energies, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, etc.
Before using it, give the pendulum a firm knock on a wooden surface. To work efficiently with this pendulum, the user has to give the pendulum a mental command to bypass the protective barrier created by the radiesthetic colour White.

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Beech hardwood