Isis-Osiris 4+4 Gold Pendulum


Length: 75mm
Weight: 42g
Material: Gold plated brass

This hybrid design is based on Egyptian pendulums Isis and Osiris.
The combination of batteries (four Isis and four Osiris) creates a well-balanced pendulum emanating full spectrum of radiesthetic vibrations with the domination of “white”, making it a safe tool.
Gold plating greatly enhances pendulum’s sensitivity and introduces Golden Ray as additional vibration which is very beneficial for human biofield.
Very responsive while working on research and radiesthetic diagnosis.
Great for work on chakras. It is helpful during transmission of vibrations/qualities like colours or essences.
Isis-Osiris is a very safe pendulum. Moreover, it enhances an auric field when kept in proximity.
It is an excellent mental pendulum.

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Gold plated brass