Ashitaba Pendulum


Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 50g
Material: Beech hardwood

This pendulum contains a charge of Ashitaba herb and a very healing and purifying Centering Vibration.
Ashitaba is a highly treasured plant of sub-tropical Japan. Many have long believed that a plant is important in supporting a person’s health and prolonging youth.
Each pendulum is individually attuned to its owner and comes with a manual.

Some researched benefits:

– support of weight loss,
– helps fight the flu,
– reduction of high blood pressure,
– increases antioxidant levels,
– reduces blood clotting,
– reduces inflammation,
– DNA repair support,
– prevents memory loss.

The other ingredient of this pendulum is the Centering Vibration. It is a very harmonising, balancing and strengthening energy. It supports greatly any healing session.
Most sacred places, so-called power spots or temples around the world may emanate that vibration.

Radiesthetic colour of the pendulum:

Ultraviolet is the main radiesthetic colour of this pendulum. This invisible light is the realm of angels and light beings. It brings protection from a higher realm and vibrational frequencies from higher planes of consciousness.
Ultraviolet vibration is said to have the ability to repair DNA, On a more mundane level, it helps to clear skin conditions and brings transformation.

White, deeply clearing, healing and purifying frequency, is pendulum’s sub-band ray. It is used for clearing the aura and generally supportive during the healing process.

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