Yoni Pendulum


Diameter: 60mm
Length: 75mm
Weight: 50g
Material: Beech hardwood

Yoni – a place of origin.
We experience the rise of the Divine Feminine energy at this movement in time. This energy is bringing harmony to Earth and features a restoring and balancing quality.
The Yoni Pendulum has been created in honour of Divine Feminine.
In Sanskrit Yoni translates to “sacred space”, “source of all life” and it refers to female reproductive organs. It symbolizes the divine nature and its sacred portal to life. While on a biological level, the yoni is the womb, in its greater symbolism it is also a cave, a valley, a place of origins, a creative centre of the woman and the matrix of space and time.
Divine Feminine it is an energy quality that we all possess.
The pendulum is intended to be used by male or female dowsers to create inner balance between Yin and Yang, either on their personal healing journey or while assisting their clients. The pendulum has a powerful charge of crystals, minerals and plants which are resonating and supporting activation process of the Divine Feminine within us and the Awakening process of Humanity.
The main radiesthetic colour band this pendulum emits is Ultra White with Ultraviolet with Orange sub-bands.

Pendulums uses:
– Activation of Divine Feminine
– balancing Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti energy qualities
– healing and balancing Heart chakra – self-love, unconditional love, compassion
– healing and balancing of Sacral chakra– sensual and creativity centre
– healing and balancing of the Root/Base chakra – security and foundation centre
– supporting forgiveness, letting go
– supporting removal of emotional, physical or spiritual traumas related to sexual abuse
– supporting energetically any misalignment with a female reproductive system
– supporting hormonal system
– supporting the healing process of skin conditions
– supporting body detoxification process
– clearing chakras, meridians, glands, body organs and more
– impregnating water and food with the frequencies of the pendulum
– spiritual protection
– aura cleansing
– grounding
– balancing left and right brain hemispheres
– assisting Spiritual growth and development

Included PDF manual provides information of the inside charge and its energetic properties as well as information and examples of some spiritual work that can be performed using Yoni pendulum.

BAJ Pendulums UK website is designed for educational purposes and does not offer any medical advice. Pendulums are not medical tools nor they are a substitute for any medical treatment.

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Beech hardwood