Universal Pendulum 6.6


Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 75g
Material: Painted hardwood and metal

The Universal Pendulum is an outstanding result of radiesthetic research by A. de Belizal, L. Chaumery and P.A. Morel in the early 1930s and built under the direction of late Josef Baj at BAJ Studio.
It is the most advanced pendulum known to date and a very treasured tool by professional dowsers.
The Universal Pendulum is an excellent tool to analyse and harmonise the human energy system as well as the environment.

UP 6.6 is constructed of a hardwood sphere containing an internal set of amplifiers. Their function is to reinforce the emission of frequencies selected manually on the sphere using a movable brass arch.

The pendulum comes with a dedicated wooden storage box and a wooden stand.

Box dimensions: 97mm x 100mm x 85mm
Box weight: 265g
Stand dimensions: 35mm x 24mm
Stand Weight: 12g

Baj Pendulums UK website is designed for educational purposes and does not offer any medical advice. Pendulums are not medical tools nor they are a substitute for any medical treatment.

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The Universal Pendulum allows us to work on three energetic spectrums:

– electric spectrum (red marker) red line or meridian line,
– magnetic spectrum (green marker) gree line, or meridian line,
– electromagnetic spectrum (blue marker) blue line or equator.

The visible spectrum (white light) is shown on the Pendulum as follows:

V  Violet,
I  Indigo,
B  Blue,
G+ Green positive,
Y  Yellow,
O  Orange,
R  Red.

The Invisible includes the following:

UV  Ultraviolet,
IR  Infrared,
Bk  Black,
G-  Negative Green,
W  White,
α  Alpha– related to geological faults, Hartmann and Curry lines,
β  Beta– underground streams of water,
θ  Theta- noxious television emissions,
X  Chi- television and other electrically charged appliances,
ψ  Psi- electrical wires,
ω  Omega- high voltage wires, vibrations from electrical appliances,
ρ  Rho- high voltage wires, vibrations from electrical appliances,
λ  Lambda- high voltage wires, vibrations from electrical appliances,
K  Kappa- high voltage wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
ε  Epsilon- high voltage wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
ζ  Zeta – radioactive vibrations,
v  Nu – electrically charged appliances.

Uses of the Universal pendulum:

– Detecting the presence and location of the noxious energies within a space of living being.
– Transmitting colour frequencies into energy fields of living being, space and environment.
– The practice of physical/vibratory radiesthesia as opposed to mental radiesthesia.
– others and self-treatment.
– vibrational chromotherapy treatment,
– complementary treatment during a session
– and many more…


Keep it in a safe place, away from kids and pets as well as away from the main living area.
Keep from sensitive objects such as essential oil, medicines or other remedies to avoid unintentional impregnations by its constant emission.
Keep away from strong magnets.
Handle with care, – the pendulum could be damaged by fall where internal batteries could move and alter calibration of the pendulum
When not in use, the pendulum should be set to rest in G+ position.

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Metal, Beech hardwood