Spiral Gold Pendulum


Length: 65mm
Weight: 25g
Material: Gold plated Brass

The exquisitely designed Spiral Pendulum is a very effective and highly sensitive dowsing tool.
We can perform a very deep and profound cleanse on the auric field, chakras, space and living environment.
It is also very effective in working with a spiral/vortex energy like closing negative portals or eliminating a wide range of entities.
The Spiral pendulum radiates White as a main radiesthetic colour and sub-band gold vibration.
It is a very fine and highly beneficial frequency, balancing and strengthening the human energy field.
The Spiral pendulum works very well in conjunction with our pendulums with charges. Together these pendulums can perform a deep cleansing and recharge of an energy field.
It is not a pendulum to carry in one’s pocket as the wires forming the spiral could bend. It is not a fragile pendulum but requires to be kept where no heavyweight objects can bend it.

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Gold plated brass