Seven Archangels Pendulum


Length: 100mm
Weight: 177g
Material: Gold plated Brass

The Seven Archangels Pendulum is a magnificent radiesthetic tool which enables us to access Archangelic Energy.
The seven Angels standing around the throne of the Creator, which are Michael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Rafael, Jophiel and Chamuel.

It is a rather large pendulum, weighing 177 g.
The Pendulum combines two four-sided pyramids which represent the directions of the World.
The central ball contains chalcopyrite which radiates emerald-pink, the colour of the Heart chakra.

The top disc of the pendulum has a hexagram engraved on it which seals the Archangelic energies of the pendulum and acts energetically like an Osiris element.

The basic radiation of the pendulum is Pink with iridescent green corresponding with Heart Chakra.

What is the pendulum for?

– It enables us to access archangelic energies,
– Supports our spiritual growth and ascension,
– Assists us with clearing the body, mind and spirit,
– Supports many aspects of our life with the help of Archangelic energies.

The pendulum comes with a short manual in PDF format which contains more information about the Archangelic energies.

It also comes win a hard box for protection.

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Gold plated brass