Re-Shi-Ma Pendulum


Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 20g
Material: Beech hardwood

The Re-Shi-Ma pendulum emits vibrations of Reishi, Shitake and Mitake mushroom extracts.
Each ingredient provides excellent health benefits.
When applied together, they work in synergy to enhance their properties.

Reishi, Shitake and Mitake mushrooms were subjects of scientific research.
The mushrooms are widely used to:

  • strengthen the immune system,
  • support heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and kidneys,
  • ease hypertension, asthma, and bronchitis,
  • support anti-cancer therapy,
  • minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
  • treat insomnia, neurasthenia, stomach disorders, inflammation of the joints and kidneys,
  • support liver detoxification,
  • aid treatment of poisoning and chronic inflammation,
  • delay the effects of aging,
  • strengthen the memory,
  • prevent the development of allergic reactions,
  • regulate blood glucose levels and prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

To transmit the frequencies, hold the pendulum over solar plexus or any other part of the energetic field or organ and let the pendulum swing clockwise. Water or food can also be charged with the vibrations of the mushrooms extract. The pendulum will stop once the required vibrations are transmitted.
Anchor and seal the process with the hand gesture.

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Beech hardwood