Mother Earth Pendulum


Length: 25mm
Weight: 40g
Material: Gold plated Brass

The Mother Earth pendulum in the shape of an Acorn and honours Mother Earth and the elemental forces of Nature.
Acorns were considered sacred in many different traditions and cultures, from Scandinavian and Celtic to Ancient Greece.
Acorns symbolize protection, wisdom, strength and power, perseverance and potential, good health and eternal youth.
It helps to bring you back into harmony with the pulse of mother earth and nature beings, the plants, trees and crystals that grow in the mother earth.
It is an excellent pendulum for nature lover, flower essences therapist, gardeners and animal lovers.

The pendulum emits white radiesthetic colour which is very healing and purifying.
It also unscrews to reveal a small cavity which can be used to place remedies to transmits it’s properties energetically.

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Gold plated brass