Mermet Pendulum


Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 55g
Material: Brass

Mermet Pendulum is a classic dowsing pendulum.
The top of the brass Mermet pendulum unscrews to reveal a cavity for so-called “witness”. It is a very sensitive pendulum.

When working with a pendulum with witness we rely on the law of resonance. The “witness” resonates with a subject when the same vibration is detected. By the means of pendulum movement, we receive information we are researching.
It is used in search work, in the field, on the plans and maps.
In vibrational homeopathy, it can be used to detect resonance or dissonance with a particular remedy.
It can be also used for broadcasting remedies at a distance.

Abbé Mermet was a Jesuit Swiss priest and a founder of modern Radiesthesia.
He was acclaimed during his lifetime as the “King of Dowsers” not only in France but all over the European continent. He established Radiesthesia on a sound practical basis and raised it to the level of new science.

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