Merkabah Pendulum Set


Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 80g
Weight with box: 525g
Material: Hardwood with metal insert

Merkabah Pendulum Set, similarly to Prometheus Set, is a further development of the classic Universal Pendulum by Leon Chaumery and André de Belizal.
It was created to assist a dowser to work on the Light Body – Merkabah. It is a system of two complementary pendulums and it’s used as a pair to measure and emit both Yin and Yang vibrations.

The Universal Pendulum, which was constructed in France in the 1930s, was previously considered to be as one of the most effective radiesthetic devices.
In recent years, there has been a major research progress in field of New Radiesthesia, creating new tools and discovering ways to access new frequencies. Merkabah and Prometheus sets are a result of that research.
The Merkabah set allows the access to previously unknown energies which weren’t available to measure and emit using the Classical Universal Pendulum.

The new frequencies are: rose/pink, gold, silver, platinum, and ultra-white.

The set consists of two pendulums:
– UP Luna C (black)– 6.8 (6cm diameter with 8 batteries inside)
• peace, love, trust, beauty, harmony and truth;
– UP Luna B (white)– 6.8 (6cm diameter with 8 batteries inside)
• unity, compassion, agape, wisdom, truth and humility.

Luna Pendulums have White and Brilliant feeling to the energy they emit. They correspond to lunar energy which has this light and airy quality. These qualities provide assistance while working on the energetic Merkabah.

Merkabah Set is an excellent tool for the therapist or personal use.
It can be used in tele-radiesthesia mode (at the distance) or in person.
The set can be used for balancing the bio-energetic field of humans, animals, living environment and spaces.
It is an ideal tool for Merkabah field activation.

Merkabah set includes:
– Universal Pendulum – Luna B (6.8 white marking – 6cm diameter sphere with 8 batteries inside),
– Universal Pendulum – Luna C (6.8 black marking – 6cm diameter sphere with 8 batteries inside),
– Wooden box,
– PDF chart for Merkabah Set,
– PDF manual consisting information of pendulums positions and their vibratory character as well as a guide on Merkabah activation.

BAJ Pendulums UK website is designed for educational purposes and does not offer any medical advice. Pendulums are not medical tools, nor they are a substitute for any medical treatment. Please consult a medical professional if you suffer any mental, emotional or physical condition.

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