Mer-Isis Macro Hardwood Pendulum


Length: 100mm
Diameter: 80mm
Weight: 56g
Material: Beech Hardwood

This is a wooden Macro version of the Mer-Isis pendulum
The design is based on Egyptian pendulums, combining a powerful shape of the lower half of Mermet pendulum and three Isis discs.
This innovative fusion gives the possibility to direct and focus a powerful dose of beneficial energy along the axis of the pendulum.

The pendulum emits a combination of Radiesthetic colors: White, Gold, Orange, and Violet.
It is a very powerful healing pendulum used mainly for the muscular and skeletal systems.

Mer-Isis Macro is very effective during space clearing.

It is programmable by mental commands and can work in all directions; clockwise, anticlockwise, elliptical or star-shaped.
Clockwise rotation of the Mer-Isis restores balance, calms and energizes, stimulates self-healing processes and increases overall immunity and efficiency of the organism.
Anti-clockwise rotation is used when reducing physical pain, assists in removing inflammations, removing non-beneficial energies.

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Beech hardwood