Isis-Osiris 7+2 Macro Hardwood Pendulum


Length: 180mm
Diameter: 40mm
Weight: 60g
Material: Beech hardwood

This pendulum is a combination of Isis and Osiris pendulums and belongs to the family of the Egyptian pendulums. It emits the full spectrum of radeisthetic colours. It consists of 7 Isis discs and 2 Osiris heads; the last one unscrews to revile a small space to introduce a remedy (supplement, mineral, herb…etc),

Osiris is a purely therapeutic pendulum. Penetrating negative green radiation of Osiris’ head acts as a carrier wave to transmit properties of the remedy placed in the chamber.

7 Isis discs amplify the transmission as well as neutralise any negative effects of the negative green rays, making it a very safe pendulum. It is a self-cleansing pendulum and doesn’t need to be dismantled.
The pendulum can also be used as a living space harmoniser. For example: shielding harmful frequencies from the TV (tip points towards the TV)

It is a very versatile pendulum suitable during therapeutic work in person or at the distance working in tele-radiesthesia mode. It has unlimited possibilities and works together with the intuition and mental power of its owner.

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Beech hardwood