Isis-Osiris 3+3 Gold Large Pendulum


Length: 70mm
Weight: 68g
Material: Gold plated Brass

This particular version of Isis-Osiris dowsing pendulum is the result of the combination of 3 Osiris heads and 3 Isis discs.
Isis sends radiation on the spectrum of the white light ray, which is further intensified by the parallel disks. works both as a transmitter and as a receiver of rays of any information content. It is used for checking food, herbs, medication and for searching on maps, etc.
Osiris, being a predominantly therapeutic pendulum, emits strong, negative green radiation, which is used to remove bacteria, viruses, fungus and mould.
Combination of the two results in a very versatile, powerful therapeutic pendulum, yet very safe even in the hands of a less experienced dowser.
Gold plating greatly enhances pendulum’s sensitivity and introduces Golden Ray as additional vibration which is very beneficial for human biofield.
An ideal pendulum for healing work, mental dowsing, and transmission of various frequencies. It is suitable for working in person or in tele-radiesthesia mode.
It can be also used to shield from harmful frequencies, e.g. from the electrical appliances (point tip towards the source of radiation) or carried in the pocked to strengthen and shield our biofield.

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Gold plated brass