Isis Large 4 Discs Gold Pendulum


Length: 75mm
Diameter: 18mm
Weight: 87g
Material: Gold plated brass

This Isis pendulum is one of the largest models made out of metal.
It is an excellent dowsing tool. It is highly responsive, brilliantly calibrated, ideal for all sorts of radiesthetic work.
It isn’t the lightest pendulum in our range but can still be carried in the pocket or a handbag to perform all the small daily tasks, such as food testing, measuring, selecting items, etc.
The main radiesthetic colour of this pendulum is ‘white’ making it a safe and reliable pendulum. It can also emanate all colours of the visible spectrum and can be mentally programmed to emit other invisible colours and frequencies.
A gold version of this pendulum is also able to transmit the vibrations of Gold, which is very healing strengthening and regenerating.
An excellent radiesthetic tool for an advanced dowser as well as the one starting to learn the Art of Radiesthesia and dowsing.

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Gold plated brass