Isis Black 4 Discs Pendulum


Length: 72mm
Diameter: 18mm
Weight: 28g
Material: Blackened Aluminium

Isis Black is a beautiful high vibrating pendulum.
The pendulum is made from blackened aluminium, thus very lightweight. It’s only 28 g while its volume is similar to much heavier (87g) Isis Large 4 Discs.
The main radiesthetic colour of this pendulum is Ultra White with the Green sub-band, making it very versatile and useful tool during any type of healing work.
It can be very effectively used in cleansing and purifying energy.
Isis Black is helpful while working on personal spiritual development due to its high vibration.
It feels this pendulum arrived at the right time to support our personal and collective ascension.

Let the pendulum guide you.

The lightweight design of Isis Black makes it handy to carry in the pocket to also perform any small radiesthetic daily tasks: measuring, using charts, maps, testing supplements and remedies, etc.
It is a self-cleansing pendulum.

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Blackened Aluminium