Hathor 3+3 Gold Pendulum


Length: 85mm
Diameter: 20mm
Weight: 85g
Material: Gold plated Brass

This is the gold plated smaller version of the Hathor pendulum with three Isis discs and three Osiris hemispheres.
It has been created in Baj Studio in cooperation with Brigitta Schmidt.
Hathor is one of the oldest and most famous goddesses of Ancient Egypt.
She represents love, peace, beauty, dance, art and music. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor is often depicted as a woman with cow horns and a sun disc.
She was considered the protectress of the land on the Nile, the stranger and all-female beings. Hathor pendulum honors these qualities; the Divine Feminine and Divine Motherhood energy as well as Creativity and Fertility principles.
The Hathor pendulum is a combination of the properties of the three Egyptian pendulums: Isis, Osiris and Karnak.
The smaller version of Hathor pendulum comes with only one head (Bigger version has two interchangeable heads)
The pendulum emits Ultra White vibrations, Divine, Crystalline Light. Very purifying vibration which is indispensable during any clearing or healing work.
Ultra White frequencies strongly influence spiritual development, expansion of spiritual abilities as well as the development of love and compassion.

The Hathor pendulum is supplied in a leather case with two interchangeable spheres.

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Gold plated brass