Flower of Life Gold Pendulum


Length: 75mm
Diameter: 35mm
Weight: 98g
Material: Gold plated Brass

The Flower of Life pendulum emits a very loving and warm feminine energy. It can assist with performing profound healing work on multidimensional levels.

It is based on a timeless Isis design, combined with the Sacred Geometry teachings – Flower of Life, engraved on the disc. Flower of Life is believed to represent the cycle of creation and be a geometrical blueprint for all life

Another addition here is a Herkimer diamond placed inside of the pendulum. Herkimer diamond acts as a powerful amplifier of dowser’s intentions and spiritual energy.
It also reinforces clarity, balance and sense of serenity, which is very much desired during performing any type of healing work.

The pendulum is intended to work multi-dimensionally and reach information in the DNA code itself. It supports regeneration and healing processes, repair of damaged chakras and subtle bodies.

Flower of Life Pendulum comes in a hard box for protection.

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Gold plated brass