Eyes of Horus Pendulum Set


Box Dimensions: 190mm x 102mm x 92mm
Single Pendulum Weight: 125g
Radius: 70mm
Material: Beech hardwood

The design of the Eyes of Horus Pendulum set is based on references from Ancient Egyptian texts on ESP activator (Extra Sensory Perception).
It has been created to assist the development of extrasensory perception aspects which are indispensable skills when working with subtle energies.
It is aimed at the adepts of Radiesthesia and Dowsing at any skill level.
However, other energy practitioners of any modality could also find working with this set very rewarding.
The set consists of two white spheres with a built-in amplifier that transmits energies with appropriate polarity to straighten the subconscious and harmonise brain hemispheres.

The ubiquitous electrosmog, generated by omnipresent wireless Wi-Fi technology, Blue tooth, TV transmitters, radio stations, microwaves, etc. drowns out and suppresses the ability of the human subconscious to sense the vibration around us.
These influences all of us, but it’s especially burdening for radiesthetists, dowsers and energy workers.

There are many ways to shield our subtle body from the detrimental energies, one of them is to actively and consciously strengthen it.

The Eyes of Horus Pendulum set comes in a wooden protective box and a pdf user manual.

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Beech hardwood



Single Pendulum Weight




Box Dimensions

190mm x 102mm x 92mm