Enel Pendulum


Diameter: 50mm
Length: 70mm
Weight: 228g
Material: Aluminium Alloy

Enel Pendulum is made of an aluminum alloy and consists of two connected elements: The upper spherical-cylindrical part and the lower conical element.
Together, they form a 3D shape emitting a specific frequency.
By turning the conical element according to the color markings we can adjust the pendulum’s frequency to resonate with a specific rediesthetic chromatic radiation (radiesthetic colour).

The shape of the pendulum and its weight makes it a very useful device in field research.
It is a relatively heavy pendulum, which makes it insensitive to the adverse effects of weather conditions (e.g. sudden gusts of wind).

The pendulum is useful in:

– Chromotherapy – radiesthetic colours treatment,
– Geobiology and hydrogeological research:
– the designation of water intake and watercourses,
– works related to securing buildings against harmful radiation of watercourses and other geological anomalies.

Keep it in a safe place, away from kids and pets as well as away from the main living area.
Keep from sensitive objects such as essential oil, medicines or other remedies to avoid unintentional impregnations by its constant emission.
Keep away from strong magnets.
When not in use, the pendulum should be set to rest in the G+ or W position.

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