Biotensor Dowsing Rod


Length: 380mm
Weight: 41g

The Biotensor is an extremely sensitive measuring and testing device. It is used to test the energy of chakras, meridians, bio-field, etc.
We can use it also for checking compatibility with objects and supplements as well as answering questions or map search.
It is very easy to use this light dowsing device.
It can work by either circular or linear movement.
Biotensor is used to create a vortex in such work as clearing spaces or objects from undesired energies.
Biotensor is made of steel and brass with a wooden handle.

Uses of the Biotensor:
– Measure chakras, meridians, energy fields, lines or aura layers
– Test compatibilities between people, animals, products, remedies
– Transmit waves of information
– Test bioenergetic, geobiological solutions in space clearing.

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