Bach Flowers Pendulum


Diameter: 60mm
Length: 75mm
Weight: 50g
Material: Beech hardwood

Bach Flower therapy was developed by Dr.Edward Bach.
It is based on the idea that a combination of specific flowers has an effect on the mental and emotional energy body of the living organism. Be it human or animal.
The pendulum contains a charge of 38 flower essences as originally designed by Dr. Bach.
The flowers’ frequencies are transmitted to the organism using the Osiris head carrier wave.
The energy field of the organism is able to draw from the pendulum the exact combination and dose of flower frequencies needed to restore perfect balance.
The pendulum is activated by tapping it lightly on the hard surface (like a table) and spinning it clockwise over the area determined through the dowsing method.
The pendulum will spin until the area is saturated with the desired amount of vibration needed to return to homeostasis.
After the transmission seal the process using the hand gesture.

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Beech hardwood