Anti-Viral Pendulum


Diameter: 60mm
Length: 75mm
Weight: 50g
Material: Beech hardwood

The Anti-Viral pendulum is designed to energetically support the body’s function to fight viral infections.
The pendulum contains a formula based on the findings of the French military doctor Joseph Roy.
Dr. Roy was looking for a way to stop the growth of viruses during the ‘Spanish” epidemic. The formula stimulates and strengthens the body’s defenses to resist the invasion of the disease.
A French homeopath doctor – ENT specialist Paul Chavarcon confirmed the effectiveness of Roy’s developments.

The main radiesthetic colour of the pendulum is Ultra White. The main quality of this frequency is the purifying effect. It can be used locally (body parts/ chakras tec) as well as space and environment.

The subband ray is the Radiesthetic Ultraviolet, a very powerful vibration with purifying and cleansing effects.
Applying Ultraviolet frequency on the virus genome damages it so the virus cannot replicate.

The pendulum is activated by tapping it lightly on the hard surface (like a table) and spinning it clockwise over the area determined through the dowsing method.
The pendulum will spin until the area is saturated with the desired amount of vibration needed to return to homeostasis.
After the transmission seal the process using the hand gesture.

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Beech hardwood