Ancestral Healing Pendulum


Length: 100mm
Diameter: 80mm
Weight: 56g
Material: Beech Hardwood

The Ancestral Healing Pendulum/ Shri Gudurev Datta Pendulum has been designed with the focus on Ancestral healing.
In some cultures, it is related to beliefs that the dead have a continued existence and may possess the ability to influence the fortune and suffering of the living.
In India this is called Pitru dosha.
Chanting the SHRI GURUDEV DATTA mantra is a way of assisting neutralization and elimination Pitru dosha effects in our lives.

The protective chant of Shrī Gurudev Datta represents the Name of Lord Datta, an aspect of God.
One of His functions in the Universe is alleviating distress caused due to the subtle bodies of ancestors.
Some of the effect of Pitru Dosha: infertility/miscarriages, relationship problems, illness, poverty, disagreements in the family.

The concept that our deceased ancestors can cause trouble in our lives is very alien to us.
However, people from various cultures and religions have experienced an immense improvement in their lives by chanting Lord Datta’s holy Name of Shri Gurudev Datta.

The SHRI GURUDEV DATTA pendulum has been designed to work easily and very effectively on these issues, facilitating the positive solution to all these troubles that often seem to have no reason but make our lives so difficult.
The shape and the herbal charge of the pendulum assist clearing low vibration and chanting the mantra amplifies and focuses our intention on solving the challenges associated with the ancestors.

The pendulum has string with 3 octaves – 9 knots in total.
This allows us to work on a broad spectrum of issues.
When working with electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic spectrum, we apply the same principles as when working with Universal Pendulum.

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Beech hardwood