Dowsing Rods L Shape


Length: 360mm
Weight: 90g

L rods are the most popular among dowsers. They are typically used for dowsing searches that are concerned with locating linear features such as water veins, energy lines or geological and archaeological features.
L-Rods respond by either opening or closing when asked a question. Sleeves (wood handles) make the rods more sensitive by allowing them to swing freely.
The removable metal ends of the rods create small chambers for “witness”.

Holding the dowsing rod:
Grab the two ends of the stick that fork outward, facing your palms toward the sky hold the dowsing rod so that it points out in front of you, horizontal to the ground.
If you chose to use two dowsing rods, hold one in each hand facing away from your body, horizontal to the ground, your elbows bent at your sides.

Searching for water:
Grasp the dowsing rod(s) firm enough to keep from wiggling around as you walk, but loose enough to alert you as you’re approaching water, and slowly walk forward.

Finding water:
When you begin approaching a water source, your dowsing rod will bend towards the ground. If you chose to use two metal dowsing rods instead, they will cross each other when you approach the water.

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